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Tecuanis, the leaders by dan-heron Tecuanis, the leaders by dan-heron
well, remember there was another group I told you once about? The other group of "Good guys?" in my story? Well they are named Tecuanis, Beasts in Mexica, and here are the leaders X3

Coatzin, a dragon girl Link saved, here you can see her in her Human form. The Coatls (her race of dragons) can fly without wings. Her name means "Little Snake"
Epona, Link's faithful horse, she made a wish to Farore, goddess of Courage, and she said, "Sure thing!", now she's what you see now X) She's the leader of the Tecuanis.
Citlalmina, is a Lizalfo and second in command of the Tecuanis. Her name comes from ancient Mexica and means "greatest of our female heroes"
Izel is a Deku Daba, a plant. Although you can't see it here, that red line running along her cheek is actually her lips. They have big mouths o_o. Her name comes from ancient Mexica too, and means "unique"

I'm sure you can see who's in love with who X3 And as time pass by, well, Epona spends a big deal of her time among Gerudos, so she learns that big families are good X3 Yay foursome! X)

Epona, Coatzin, Citla, Izel (c) *dan-heron
Lizalfos, Deku Dabas, Gerudos (c) The Big N
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August 28, 2006
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